The Vigneto Saetti Winery is a family-operated business that was founded in 1998 by Luciano Saetti, whose family has been growing wine grapes for generations in the traditional manner.

Our vineyard, located in the Santa Croce appellation zone in the province of Modena covers an area of 2.8 contiguous hectares of specialized land registered with the Associazione Italiana per l’Agricoltura Biologica (Italian Organic Agriculture Association).

The vineyard was originally planted in 1964. Over the course of the years they have selected and improved systems of cultivation, but most importantly, every effort has been made to not upset the natural organic harmony of the

Indeed, to this day, during the natural harvest operations each and every grape is carefully inspected and selected in order to obtain nothing but completely healthy ones.

Moreover, the vineyard is irrigated by means of the droplet
technique and we do not practice green pruning.

By 2007 all of these measures, together with a significant reduction in total grape output and scrupulously carried out wine-making processes, had brought us to the point where we were producing wines without any sulfate additives.

All our products are capable of unleashing fragrances and flavors that evoke the timehonored traditions and display the sincere flavor of a wine product completely free of chemical.