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Natural passion for wine 

For years at the Vineyard Saetti we produce only high-quality and artisan wines without any addition of sulfur dioxide. All our wines are created to transmit the real and true flavors of grapes from which arise.  For this, we grow our grapes in full respect of nature.

We neither use pesticides nor chemical fertilizer, thus preserving the natural soil equilibrium.

We harvest our grapes by hand, selecting the most ripe and wholesome bunches only.

Fermentation in the bottle:

Quality takes time

The fermentation in the bottle is a slow process that requires patience, but it allows us to gain an a unique product, can evolve over time and give different emotions with the passing of the seasons.

An evolution alive, exciting, lively, able to satisfy the palates

more demanding.



the Disgorging: but what is it?


All our sparkling wines, after a slow fermentation in the bottle, which allows its maturation, are disgorged and the date of this operation is shown on the back label (complete with day, month and year). This is an important information for our consumers at the time of purchase. The disgorging in fact enables us, when the wine is correctly preserved in the cellar, to maintain unchanged all its organoleptic characteristics.

But what is Disgorging? This operation, also known as "dégorgement", allows the elimination of sediments deposited towards the neck of the bottle with the rémuage (fr. 'Shaking'). We make a disgorgement "in ice" manual, freezing the neck of the bottle, we blow the corn allowing the escape of sediments. Filling takes place only with the same vintage wine.

Our labels:

the idea that values Territory

All of our wines are from a special variety of Salamino called Lambrusco di Santa Croce. This variety was born in Carpi, near Modena, a city famous for its many knitwear factories and fashion. All our labels are made of embroidered fabric and are applied manually to each bottle we produce, if to reflect the craftsmanship that distinguishes our wines.